Plant of The Month – Verbena bonariensis

It may not be on the ‘it list’ of the must have garden plants but for me, this perennial plant really does float my botanical boat! This variety of verbena is perfect if you would like to create a perennial based garden design in your own backyard.

Native to tropical South America, we fondly call it by it’s common name – Purple Top. Flowering for three months of the year in most places, this plant has a low care nature. You read it right, this plant is perfect for the lazy gardener. With low care, it will still provide you with a great display of it’s beautiful purple heads.


Top 10 Facts and Growing Tips.

1.Thrives in full sun to part afternoon shade.

2. Flowers in late Spring and throughout Summer to late Autumn.

3. Tall and slender stems can grow up to 6ft tall and spread to 3ft wide.


4. Fantastic plant to keep the bees and butterflies buzzing in your garden.

5. Loves a feed in Spring to keep the blooms blooming – use any general purpose fertilizer.

6. Thrives in  well drained soil.


7. Great companion plant to many perennial favourites including miscanthus, alium and sedum.

8.  It makes a brilliant plant in beds that separate areas of the garden where you want a boundary without restricting the view.

9.They self-seed freely and gradually work their way around the garden – more wins for the lazy relaxed gardener!

10. Want to cut and put in a vase? Perfect for 7-10 days in water. Will also dry well for a dried arrangement.

Looking for more perennial inspiration for your garden? Check out this and this.

What to order some perennials for your own garden? I suggest you jump on here.

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