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These are the four books that are off my book shelf this week!

The RHS Chelsea Garden Show is coming up (May 24-28) and I am looking forward to seeing what the experienced designers and new entrants have come up with.  I will post more on who I am following, and what new ideas and inspiration I uncover, in the upcoming weeks.  In the meantime it made me think about just how often I turn to the books of those designers that frequent Chelsea and I continue to be inspired by.  These four designers each have their own focus but I regularly pull from different aspects and elements I have come across in their designs when creating my own landscape designs.

Tom and Sue Stuart Smith are the dynamic duo behind ‘The Barn Garden’.  Tom is by far one of my favourite designers. This is book is his own garden and gives so much insight into what he finds interesting and how he has then used that in his own garden.  I also love how it gives such a nice snapshot of the evolution of the place where he lives.

‘The Barn Garden’ Tom and Sue Stuart Smith

Diarmuid! This is a man who truly knows how to think outside the box.  He is so creative, almost quirky and very adventurous, which is always something to aspire to!

‘Outer Spaces’ by Diarmuid Gavin

‘The Gardens of Luciano Guibbilei’, the book and his gardens are sublime.  His gardens as you can tell by the cover are contemporary yet still quite formal.  They are always very high-end and always extremely polished in style and form.  Just check out his form work!

‘The Gardens of Luciano Giubbilei’ Andrew Wilson

Last but not least Phil Johnson’s book is one I often refer back to time and time again.  It’s my go to book on sustainability, something which Phil has become a huge advocate for and now I always like to keep it front of mind in my designs.  Philip is also the only Australian to win Best in Show at Chelsea in 2013, no mean feat, is a close colleague and great designer.

‘Connected: the sustainable landscaped of Phillip Johnson’  Phillip Johnson

You’ve seen my shelf… I’ve got so many books!  So I’ll keep you updated with what I’m grabbing off the shelf each month.  But if you are looking for a certain book or have a favourite of your own be sure to let me know…


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